Sugar Free Low Carb Margaritas (Pitcher Recipe)

A friend stopped me today in the grocery store and asked me how to make my sugar free margaritas.  This is a great easy recipe which I know some of my low-carb friends would enjoy.  I have brought this to parties and it was always a hit.

I prefer the taste of my mix over store bought sugar free margarita mix.  You can alter the ratio of soda and water etc. to your taste. 

1 tub (OR 4 “to-go” packs) of Crystal Light powdered lemonade drink mix
(2) cans of diet Mountain Dew [This is 24 liquid ounces total if your measuring from a 2 liter].
Juice of 2 limes
Tequila (to taste) I usually use a couple cups of tequila

In a pitcher, mix the Crystal Light, Diet Mountain Dew, lime juice and tequila. 
Add water to the pitcher until about 3/4 full
Fill the rest of the pitcher with ice. 
Stir and taste.

I like to slice the squeezed lime and put it back in the pitcher for garnish and flavor.

This makes a pretty stiff margarita.  You can alter the amount of tequila based on your tastes.  Note that the ice will melt and water it down as it sits in the pitcher.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have looking for a recipe just like this. Thanks
    from looking at the ingredients it looks to have no carbs,is that right

    • Christine says:

      Pretty much. The limes prob have a trace amount of carbs per serving, but everywhere I looked online said that tequilla was 0 carbs.

  2. I have an issue with cyrstal light. I’ve tried over and over to like it… and I can taste the fake sugar. Does the mountain due and tequila hide that flavor?

  3. I made a pitcher last night. It was awesome. I used a Crystal Light liquid version because I had it on hand and the flavors were perfect together. Thank you!!!!

  4. Yum I’m going to make this!

  5. Pamela Schramek says:

    What would the measurements be for 2 drinks only?

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