Low Carb Food Find: Del Monte 100% Fresh Hass Avocado Singles

I was grocery shopping at my local Super Target last week and found these Avocado Singles in the refrigerated section near the produce.

I love Avocado and homemade guacamole. I have tried pre-made guacamole mixes before, but I really don’t like the taste of them.  However, this caught my eye because it is 100% mashed avocado with nothing else in it!!   No weird preservatives or additives.

I gave it a try and (in a pinch for time) it is pretty good.  It is plain pure avocado, so I would suggest seasoning it with some salt.  While it is low calorie, the high fat content in the avocado makes it quite satisfying as a snack (i.e. a little bit should cure your hunger monsters).  It is good with veggies (or just a spoon)!

Per individual container it has 1 g. net carbs, 90 calories and 9 g. fat.  

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  1. What area do you live in? I was looking for this in several grocery stores around San Jose, CA and could only find packaged guacamole.

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