How To Make Low Carb Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks At Home


About twice a year I pull out my deep fryer (usually Superbowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve).  This year, after making my chicken wings we decided to get creative and make some mozzarella cheese sticks with my homemade low carb bread crumbs.  They came out great and just as good as the original.  I served them with a bit of no sugar added marinara and ranch dressing.

The low carb breadcrumbs have about 1.5 g. of net carbs per tablespoon and the cheese has less then 1 g. of carbs.  I would estimate each fried cheese stick to have approx. 2.5 g. net carbs. 


Mozzarella String Cheese Sticks (I used the Frigo brand)

Seasoned Low Carb Breadcrumbs [you can find the easy recipe here]:

Egg (beaten)

Deep Fryer


Dip the cheese stick into the beaten egg and then roll it into the breadcrumbs. Deep fry until the breading is just lightly browned. 

This is the deep fryer I use.  I have owned it for many many years.

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