Low Carb Food Find: Lindt 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark (Chocolate You Can Eat on a Low Carb Diet)

Once in a while I LOVE a piece or two of dark chocolate. I didn’t used to be a dark chocolate enthusiast, but it is something I have grown to truly love.

When I look for dark chocolate, I look for chocolate with a high cocoa or high cacao content; the higher the better.  The higher the percentage of cocoa or cacao, usually the lower sugar and  lower carb the chocolate is and the more intense the chocolate flavor is.  This means, unlike regular candy bars, 1 or 2 pieces of very dark chocolate is usually more then enough to satisfy any chocolate craving without doing diet damage.

I had been using the Gheradelli Midnight Reverie with 86% cocao for quite sometime. You can read my review of it here: http://www.lowcarbcrock.com/2013/02/low-carb-food-find-ghirardelli-intense/

When I was in the store this week, I saw this Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate bar so I decided to give it a try.  It EXCEEDED my taste expectations!  It was much smoother and melt-in-your-mouth then my usual dark chocolate.  My kids who normally won’t go near dark chocolate even liked it.

1 large square of this Lindt chocolate has approximately 1.75 g. of net carbs and 60 calories!

One Caveat:  Some people eat dark chocolate specifically for the flavonoid health benefits.  This Lindt bar is high in cocoa (not cacao like the Gheradelli chocolate) processed with alkali (aka Dutch processed chocolate) which I’ve read reduces the flavonoids.  A few squares of this Lindt chocolate is fantastic tasting, low carb and low cal, but if you are specifically looking for the greatest amount of flavonoids look for a bar with a high cacao content.

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