Crock Pot Balsamic Glazed Short Ribs (low carb)

These crock pot balsamic glazed ribs are yummy!!  No one will ever guess it is low carb.

The entire recipe has approx. 13 g. of carbs (or 6.5 g. per serving) BUT since you are only using the balsamic wine sauce to cook the ribs in and most of the sauce is discarded, the actual carb count on this is very low).

1 tablespoon of olive oil
Bone in beef short ribs (I used 4 ribs; 2 per person)
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup dry red wine (I used Chianti – approx 3 g. carbs.  You could substitute beef broth if desired). 
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar (adds 8 g. carbs)
2 large cloves of garlic (adds 2 g. net carbs) 
1 teaspoon of ground rosemary (or a few fresh rosemary sprigs)
(1) Heat the oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat.  While the oil is heating, I usually put my short ribs in the microwave for a minute or two just to take the chill off of them (or take them out of the fridge before cooking).  Fridge cold ribs are more likely to stick to some pans.  If the ribs are especially fatty, I usually trim a little of the fat off before browning.   
(2) Generously salt and pepper the ribs.  Brown the ribs on all sides; a few at a time.  Take care to especially brown any fatty sections.   
(3) Transfer the browned ribs to your slow cooker and add the remaining ingredients.  Cover and cook on low for approximately 6 hours or until the ribs are fork tender.  If I’m home, I usually turn them half way through cooking.  After cooking, give the ribs a turn and dip in the crock pot sauce and then serve.  
These go great over a light veggie like a big green salad.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a general question about crock pot cooking. I made batches of frozen meals and cook them in the crock pot, but I get a ton of liquid after everything is cooked. Your recipes look like you don’t get very much extra liquid. Do you know how I can eliminate all of the extra that accumulates in the pot so I can have more of a sauce instead of soup?

    • Christine says:

      Start with less liquid to begin with. You don’t need a lot of liquid – especially if you are cooking with non-lean meats (like here) or using veggies that will give off their own natural liquids during cooking.

    • Hi may I make a comment about excess liquid in the crockpot? When I want to keep excess liquid down in a dish, I lay a clean dish towel across the pot and then put the lid on. The towel will absorb some of the steam (liquid). You’ll have to move it occasionally, when it gets damp to a dry spot on the towel…..but it does help keep the liquid down…….. I wouldn’t do it to a pot sitting alone all day as it’ll get TOO wet

  2. Can you cook these on high for a shorter amount of time? I waited to long to start!!

    • I have only cooked them on low (I like slow and low to tenderize meat) but I think trying them on high would be fine.

  3. Thank you for this recipe. It is delicious. I intend to use this for other cuts of beef I prepare in the crock pot. I had to use Herbs de provance as I was out of rosemary. I added an onion. Next time I will add mushrooms about an hour before the meat is done cooking. My family loved this preparation.

  4. There are no instructions on how or when to prep the broth, balsamic vinegar garlic and rosemary?!

    • Christine says:

      “and add the remaining ingredients” is where you throw them in the crock pot with everything else. There is not prep needed for them.

  5. I am trying it out today. We are going to do our best to get our family eating home cooked meals. Thank you for the simple recipes.

  6. I’m prepping for the week and have all the ingredients for the balsamic short ribs but want it for tomorrow night. Would it be okay to brown the ribs today and refrigerate them to add everything to the slow cooker in the morning? I just don’t have time for the prep work before work in the mornings.


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