Low Carb Food Find: Wild Garden Traditional Hummus Dip Review (2 g. net carbs)

O.K….. so I know Wild Garden Hummus Dip is not a new product, but until recently it was “new to me!” So I thought I would share it in case you’ve never tried it or didn’t know it was low carb.

I tend to shy away from regularly eating hummus for a few reasons.  Hummus can be pretty carb heavy if eaten in quantity.  It is way too easy for me to open up a tub of hummus and have portion control issues.  Also, unless I make the hummus myself, the taste of commercial hummus is just so-so for me. 

My son loves hummus and is partial to the Sabra brand.  I happened to be in the store and saw these mini-packs of Wild Garden Hummus Dip and thought I would give them a try for him.  End story is, he didn’t like it, but I LOVED it! 

The Wild Garden Hummus Dip is smoother and less dense then other brands I have tried.  It also tastes more refreshing and slightly lemony; which I like.  These little packs are portion controlled and shelf stable until opened so they are great for on the go and lunches. 

The ingredients are chick peas, sesame paste, water, sea salt, natural spices and citric acid. 


These 1.76 oz. packs of Wild Garden Hummus Dip are lower carb and calorie then most other types of hummus: 
Carbs:  2 g. net
Calories: 63
Protein: 6 grams

For comparison sake, here is the nutrition of the small 2 oz. containers of Sabra Hummus
Carbs:  6 g. net
Calories 150
Protein: 4 grams

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  1. Where did you find this item? I live in Dallas Texas. Super Target, Walmart?

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